Who We Are!

About Us: Your Trusted Partner in Pet Deliveries Expertise, Compassion, and Commitment to Your Pet's Journey

Why We're Here

At Luxurypettrans, we know that pets are cherished family members, and their travel experience matters as much as yours. Established in 2009, we have guided thousands of families through the intricate pet relocation process, from initial planning to heartwarming reunions in their new homes.

With a deep understanding of pet transport, we strive to deliver the unparalleled service you and your pet deserve. As proud members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), we’re on a bold mission to reimagine how pets move around the world.

What We Do

Comprehensive Pet Relocation Services. We simplify domestic and international pet travel by navigating complex regulations, handling paperwork, and facilitating travel logistics. As a full-service pet travel agency, we oversee the entire pet relocation process to ensure safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Our commitment to quality means that every pet and family receives the best possible relocation experience.

Who We Are

Passionate Pet-Loving Professionals. When you choose PetRelocation, you’ll be paired with a dedicated relocation coordinator who will guide you from start to finish. Our team of pet-loving experts shares a profound commitment to animals, and their expertise and regional knowledge make all the difference..